Our unique B2Me platform utilizes the latest in digital composition and print technology to create a highly personalized magazine - a magazine created just for you!

What is a B2MeMagazine?

A B2MeMagazine is a ‘Business-to-Individual’ magazine that is created specifically for one individual subscriber - for you! Both the articles and the advertisements that make up each individual magazine are dynamically selected and assembled at time of printing, driven by your unique profile.

What’s the Benefit?

Perhaps the greatest benefit of our B2MeMagazine is that it enables us to focus your reading experience on you! And by focusing on what matters most to you - the things you most want to know and learn - we can provide a more relevant and effective reading and learning experience. Our B2MeMagazine also helps you to learn more in less time, and to remember more of what you read. It also enables our advertisers to provide you with messages that are more relevant, and more likely to be helpful to you.

How Do You Know What I Want to Read?

Your subscription application helps us learn what you care about, and what's important to you. Over time we may ask you to share more information to help us be more specific and enhance your reading experience becomes. Only share what you want to share. You always retain complete control over the information in your profile. And, you can change, update, delete, or reset your profile at any time.

Beyond Individual Customization

And beyond customizing our content and advertising to your individual profile, we can also customize your reading experience to reflect where you work and live. The magazine we create for a subscriber in a five-person company can be very different than what we create for a subscriber in a 5,000-person organization. And both of these might be different for a subscriber in Chicago than for one working in rural Montana.

B2MeCode Technologies Extend the Power of Print

The latest in content management technology also enables the seamless integration of print, web and social media to create a highly personalized experience that extends beyond the printed page. B2MeCodes currently incorporate 1:1 based QR and Purl codes. In future releases pattern recognition, near field communications and augmented reality technologies will be added.

B2MeCodes and YOU

Both articles and advertising can now be integrated with web content and social media, right on the printed page. Articles and advertisements with c provide immediate launch points to a personalized experiences on the web, where again, all information can be customized for one unique subscriber - you!

A Continuously Improving Experience

We welcome you to take an active role in improving your reading experience, by frequently updating, enhancing or expanding your profile. You can also refine your profile by scanning and browsing the B2MeCodes in both ads and articles that are of interest to you. Content that you ignore will appear less and less often, and even disappear over time. Articles and ads that you interact with, will help us better understand what's important to you, and to provide more similar content in the future.

All of This Works to Enhance Your Reading Experience

Our B2Me approach, coupled with our advanced content management suite, enables an entirely new level of individualized interaction between you and our writers, editors and advertisers. And it makes you part of a pioneering project - something never before possible in printed magazines. And that makes American Printer a uniquely powerful way to connect with the news, stories, products and services that can enhance your career and enrich your life.

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